Monday, September 2, 2013

How to make a bootable windows 7 DVD ISO

Hi guys, this article shows you how to create a bootable windows 7 DVD from windows 7 files, I have wasted many DVDs trying to a windows 7 DVD  only to know that you cant burn the files in the ordinary way and expect the DVD to boot. :(
OK  first you need to have the windows 7 files (Download from torrent) then
oscdimg -  this is a microsoft deployment software that enables you to create a bootable ISO :-)
Download oscdimg HERE and paste it in C:\windows\system32

then open the command prompt by typing cmd on the search box
right click on it and select run as administrator
then  type
oscdimg.exe -u2 -bE:\programs\windows7\boot\ -h E:\programs\windows7 D:\win7.iso
oscdimg.exe - This is the software we use to create the windows 7 ISO
E:\programs\windows7\boot\ - This is the location of the file necessary for the ISO creation process
E:\programs\windows7 - This is the location of the windows 7 files
D:\win7.iso - D:\  is the location of where i want to store the ISO once it is made, while win7.iso is the name of the created windows 7 ISO
press enter after you type the command
The ISO will proceed to 100 %
now when its done lets go to the iso location
You can use any burning software to burn the iso to a DVD e.g imageburn, Ashampoo, nero e.t.c
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You can view the video to this article here