Sunday, October 2, 2016

HP laptop freezes or crashes with BSOD on the logging screen

Hi reader, this article discusses some of the issues that i have seen while fixing 3 hp laptops' constant BSOD, the first time i was able to fix the error (BSOD when the client connected his camera to the laptop) but then i forgot why that issue was occurring, then 2 more laptops and desktop were brought recently with the same issue and they gave me so much headache that i thought it best to explain the solution for those of you who might be experiencing it.

Here is a brief description of the issues

  1. When the laptop boots to the login page and you press ctrl + alt +del, the laptop takes forever to bring the login text box or does not, and when you enter the password sometimes the computer crashes with the blue screen of death  
  2. When on the login screen and you tap a little hard on the touch pad, the laptop crashes with BSOD.
  3. When you connect a camera or an external device, the laptop crashes with BSOD
  4. This issue might have started once you changed or recreated your user/domain profile.


The solution to this issue is simple you don't have to format the laptop. The problem is with the HP programs aka bloatware that comes with the laptop, all you have to do is uninstall all of them and the laptop will be fine. HP needs to fix this since its a big headache to alot of people. Hope this helps, please don't forget to leave a comment.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Simple Quick Text Processor for SQL data analysts

This post aims to introduce a simple application that can help people who work with SQL server management studio or MySQL workbench to quickly process/transpose column of values into a row of comma separated values which you can then include back in your queries. Most people I  know who work with workbench or SQL server normally copy the column values to excel, transpose the values and then copy the values into notepad for formatting, and then include the values into their queries.

Quick text processor eliminates all the above process in that you can copy and paste into it and it will reformat the text in comma, space or apostrophes. Additionally you can remove duplicates from a list of values or compare two columns of values to get the values that are in one of the columns but not the other.  

Download Quick Text from here 
View the source code from here

Friday, November 21, 2014

Unlock disabled iPhone

iPhone disabled connect to iTunes

My friend had sent me this iPhone from the UK but it had been disabled with the dreaded "iPhone disabled connect to iTunes message", 

I cant lie and say that it was easy, it wasn't but you need not worry since am here to show you how i did it. First lets set the fact straight on what I had and what i didn't:

- I had no iTunes account thus no backups or a computer that had previously connected to iPhone 
- I was using a windows 7 machine

lets say i followed all these online tutorials that said that i needed to hold the iPhone's home and power button for 3 seconds then release the power button then hold the home button for 10 seconds then it will bring the iTunes screen, if  you had previously backed up the phone or have a computer that had connected to the phone then try the other  ways that other sites are asking. 
I tried all these tutorials but it didn't work. If these conditions are the same for you then this is the right article for you.


- iTtunes (for windows machine download here or in apples website)  - Internet - USB cable
- A lot of patience


1. Download and install iTunes (for windows machine)
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer through the USB cable, when you connect iTunes might pop-up the message

3. Ignore the message and disconnect your computer from the network if connected
4. Power-Off  the phone: Hold the power button until the following message 'slide to power off' appears, then slide to power-off

5. This is where your patience is tested if your are sort who gives up easily you might as well give up now. 

Hold the Power and Home button even when the phone lights continue holding (if it opens to the iPhone disabled screen repeat the above process) until it shuts itself, don't release whens lights again and shuts itself, on the third time of booting it will bring the screen  on your right

5. Connect your computer to the internet and open iTunes you will see a page like one below

6. click restore iPhone and the rest is as simple as eating a pie. The trick lies in holding the power and home button until the iTunes and USB screen shows then the rest is down hill. N.B this flashes the phone and deletes everything,  hope this helps . thanks and don't forget to comment

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Install Windows XP drivers in Windows 7

Hi everyone, i have recently tried to install graphic drivers on an old Dell Latitude and HP Evo machines but to my dismay, since the machines are too old their manufacturers were no longer releasing updates for their drivers. I had already installed windows 7 and I felt lazy to re install windows XP again. So this is how i did it.
- Download the supported XP drivers.
- Right click the installer that you downloaded, then click properties.
- On the window that appears click compatibility tab.
- Select "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
- Choose Windows XP (service pack 3).
- Click Apply then OK
then install the setup,  there is one problem however since windows XP graphic drivers do not support AERO you will not get that sleek clear look in your themes but it will run properly and also play any game that requires graphic drivers to run.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to create a Wireless hotspot without any software

Hey guys this article shows you a cool feature that many people don't know exists in Windows 7. Given that when you create a wireless hotpot with Ad-hoc you cant connect with other devices such as phones, this method is beneficial in that any device that has a WiFi can connect and you dont need software such as Mhospot or Connectify which consume your RAM and keep asking for a key, and best of all its simple to create.
 For this you need to have installed windows 7 or 8 in your laptop. It works well with Windows 7.
Open the command prompt as administrator by typing
CMD in the search box then right clicking it then open as Administrator
After the window appears type
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=ilikepizza key=computer
where ilikepizza is the name your wifi
and computer is the password to your WiFi
after that type
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
to stop it type
netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
and the WiFi will be created. I have created an executable program that you can run instead of typing the lines above. Just download it below and extract, then run as administrator by right clicking the file
Download here
Of course for you to create a WiFi that will connect to the internet, your computer must be connected to the internet via a cable  or a modem, you need to share your modem/cable connection by going to:
Start => Control Panel => Network and Internet => Network and Sharing Center
under active networks click on  which you want to share e.g Local Area Connection 
then click properties on the window that appears
then sharing tab on top of the window, click on allow other network users to........... the click connection you want to share the network to, It will be listed in the active networks after the Local Area Connection
then click ok then ............enjoy surfing.....:)
NOTE: the wireless internet disconnects when you shutdown your computer and you will have to start it again when you start your computer..:)

Monday, September 2, 2013

How to make a bootable windows 7 DVD ISO

Hi guys, this article shows you how to create a bootable windows 7 DVD from windows 7 files, I have wasted many DVDs trying to a windows 7 DVD  only to know that you cant burn the files in the ordinary way and expect the DVD to boot. :(
OK  first you need to have the windows 7 files (Download from torrent) then
oscdimg -  this is a microsoft deployment software that enables you to create a bootable ISO :-)
Download oscdimg HERE and paste it in C:\windows\system32

then open the command prompt by typing cmd on the search box
right click on it and select run as administrator
then  type
oscdimg.exe -u2 -bE:\programs\windows7\boot\ -h E:\programs\windows7 D:\win7.iso
oscdimg.exe - This is the software we use to create the windows 7 ISO
E:\programs\windows7\boot\ - This is the location of the file necessary for the ISO creation process
E:\programs\windows7 - This is the location of the windows 7 files
D:\win7.iso - D:\  is the location of where i want to store the ISO once it is made, while win7.iso is the name of the created windows 7 ISO
press enter after you type the command
The ISO will proceed to 100 %
now when its done lets go to the iso location
You can use any burning software to burn the iso to a DVD e.g imageburn, Ashampoo, nero e.t.c
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You can view the video to this article here

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Windows was unable to format - flash drive

Hi guys this article shows you how to format your flash drive, when you get the irritating message that windows was unable to format. The problem can be caused by many things from hardware failure to bad partitions. This article helps you if your flash drives' problem is due to bad partitions. O.k enough chit chat lets get to business.

Insert your flash drive into your computer
Run the command prompt in administrator (Go to start, type cmd, right click on cmd and click run as administrator)
In the cmd window that appears type
- Diskpart hit enter
- list disk 
in the list that appears look for your flash drive then type
select disk 1(where 1 is the number of your flash disk, be careful not to format your computers' hard drive)
type clean
- active
- format fs=ntfs
wait until it finishes formatting to 100%
then type
- assign
- exit
close the window and your flash drive will be as good as new. :)