Friday, November 21, 2014

Unlock disabled iPhone

iPhone disabled connect to iTunes

My friend had sent me this iPhone from the UK but it had been disabled with the dreaded "iPhone disabled connect to iTunes message", 

I cant lie and say that it was easy, it wasn't but you need not worry since am here to show you how i did it. First lets set the fact straight on what I had and what i didn't:

- I had no iTunes account thus no backups or a computer that had previously connected to iPhone 
- I was using a windows 7 machine

lets say i followed all these online tutorials that said that i needed to hold the iPhone's home and power button for 3 seconds then release the power button then hold the home button for 10 seconds then it will bring the iTunes screen, if  you had previously backed up the phone or have a computer that had connected to the phone then try the other  ways that other sites are asking. 
I tried all these tutorials but it didn't work. If these conditions are the same for you then this is the right article for you.


- iTtunes (for windows machine download here or in apples website)  - Internet - USB cable
- A lot of patience


1. Download and install iTunes (for windows machine)
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer through the USB cable, when you connect iTunes might pop-up the message

3. Ignore the message and disconnect your computer from the network if connected
4. Power-Off  the phone: Hold the power button until the following message 'slide to power off' appears, then slide to power-off

5. This is where your patience is tested if your are sort who gives up easily you might as well give up now. 

Hold the Power and Home button even when the phone lights continue holding (if it opens to the iPhone disabled screen repeat the above process) until it shuts itself, don't release whens lights again and shuts itself, on the third time of booting it will bring the screen  on your right

5. Connect your computer to the internet and open iTunes you will see a page like one below

6. click restore iPhone and the rest is as simple as eating a pie. The trick lies in holding the power and home button until the iTunes and USB screen shows then the rest is down hill. N.B this flashes the phone and deletes everything,  hope this helps . thanks and don't forget to comment