Monday, July 8, 2013

Facebook is having loading problems in all browsers

Hi guys, are you having problems with facebook loading badly in all your browsers, i have the same problem, the screenshot shown shows how my facebook page looks when it loads.
I have tried many things including, trying to clean up the system, turning off my firewall, deleting browser history and cookies, Uninstalling and installing browsers while trying new ones but nothing worked.
But i have discovered a trick that has enabled me to browse facebook without further problem. This is what i did:
Open internet explorer(the browser has to be internet explorer otherwise it wont work) and go to facebook ( ) , When the facebook page loads you will see a error message bar on the top of the facebook page highlighted in yellow saying that it has blocked some content.
Click on that yellow bar
A list will be displayed then on the list  click on Display content. All the hidden facebook content will be displayed and you will browse without problems.
Anyway wish you all the best, hope this info helps you.

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