Sunday, October 2, 2016

HP laptop freezes or crashes with BSOD on the logging screen

Hi reader, this article discusses some of the issues that i have seen while fixing 3 hp laptops' constant BSOD, the first time i was able to fix the error (BSOD when the client connected his camera to the laptop) but then i forgot why that issue was occurring, then 2 more laptops and desktop were brought recently with the same issue and they gave me so much headache that i thought it best to explain the solution for those of you who might be experiencing it.

Here is a brief description of the issues

  1. When the laptop boots to the login page and you press ctrl + alt +del, the laptop takes forever to bring the login text box or does not, and when you enter the password sometimes the computer crashes with the blue screen of death  
  2. When on the login screen and you tap a little hard on the touch pad, the laptop crashes with BSOD.
  3. When you connect a camera or an external device, the laptop crashes with BSOD
  4. This issue might have started once you changed or recreated your user/domain profile.


The solution to this issue is simple you don't have to format the laptop. The problem is with the HP programs aka bloatware that comes with the laptop, all you have to do is uninstall all of them and the laptop will be fine. HP needs to fix this since its a big headache to alot of people. Hope this helps, please don't forget to leave a comment.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Simple Quick Text Processor for SQL data analysts

This post aims to introduce a simple application that can help people who work with SQL server management studio or MySQL workbench to quickly process/transpose column of values into a row of comma separated values which you can then include back in your queries. Most people I  know who work with workbench or SQL server normally copy the column values to excel, transpose the values and then copy the values into notepad for formatting, and then include the values into their queries.

Quick text processor eliminates all the above process in that you can copy and paste into it and it will reformat the text in comma, space or apostrophes. Additionally you can remove duplicates from a list of values or compare two columns of values to get the values that are in one of the columns but not the other.  

Download Quick Text from here 
View the source code from here